Nicole Trengove

Graduate in Fine Art sculpture at Winchester school of Art. My interests revolve around dreams, altered states of consciousness, illusion, spirituality, individuality, colour, and light.

Bed Piece exhibited in the graduate show at the Bargehouse in London! 

magickthreads asked: Love your dream machine. Gysin would be proud.

Naww Thank you so much! I was fascinated with the idea of a machine altering brain waves etc… Had to try it out for myself! 

Degree show piece. Fine Lines. 14th June 2012. Photos courtesy of Sam Hampton!

Think this makes more sense..


I wanted my final installation to conclude all the explorations and research I have been doing throughout this year.


The Dreamachine played a significant role into the experimentations of my ideas as it had given me various responses and interpretations to work with for the next pieces. It was an excellent starting point to the beginning of this project, as the responses I had gathered gave my work impartiality. I felt as though being the artist my work would become bias.


The next few experiments were about visualizing the responses I had noted from the Dreamachine project.


When I think about dreams I think about this surreal world where everything is possible and everything comes at random. This is why I felt it was important that there should not be any precision or order in my work. It should be automatic and quick like it had appeared out of nowhere. Much like out of a dream.


The table and bed pieces added the element of colour perception in my work. You look at the table, the glow sticks outline the object transforming it into a drawing, but the colour is what invites you in to play and to interact.


The bed was fragile yet useable, I fell interested in using the object and combining it with purposely bought lights to maintain its fragility, and also to give it strength.  Again, the light and the colour invite you in to interact, but the fragility of the bed and subtle coloring creates a fine line between playing with and fearing the work.


These fine lines were what inspired me for my next and final piece. It was possibly the most ambitious piece I have ever done, as it involved so much patience and precision that I often struggle with. This fine line was between the dream, and the nightmare.


The bed still had so much potential that I decided to use it again. It is probably on its last leg now, the wood is slowing falling off at the joints and the paint is wearing thin. I knew if I added anything heavy it could collapse, but that was part of the thrill of my experimenting, not knowing what could happen, much like in a dream. I purposely bought a large panel of glass to fit on the bed much like a mattress. But unlike the comfort of a mattress, glass is dangerous. It is fragile much like the bed, and can brake easily with out the proper mode of care.


This became the next chapter to my journey. It was quite unbearable, as the tension was killing me.  It has taken quite literally blood, sweat and tears to do this piece. However once I started I had to finish. It has been a journey I am not really used to, as I was not playing it safe anymore. From this I have quite an attachment to the piece.


After adding the large panel glass I wanted to cut a second piece into small fragments, all at random, in keeping with the theme of a dream. Each fragment has its own unique identity, as none of them look the same as the other.


I want to place them on the bed at a 90-degree angle, again completely at random. Each fragment will be painted a primary colour, hoping that when the light is refracted through the colour would mix into each other into secondary colors as well a primary. These will completely immerse the room with colour. Once this happens, I will no longer have any control over the aesthetics of the piece, this still in keeping with the effects of a dream.


With the installation complete, the viewer is then invited. I cannot speak for anyone in what they feel. As I have said the piece is completely down to interpretation and subjectivity. But I can speak about my ambition.

I want the colour to invite the viewer in, but in knowing the fragility of the glass feel a sort of uneasy tension. Thus creating the fine line. ‘Is it about a dream or a nightmare?’ The colour is playful but the bed appears so fragile. This is what will make it open to interpretation. I want the viewer to make up there own mind on what the installation is about; the last thing I want is to have to tell them. This to me would make it a failure.


SelfEvaluation> First question, What is your work about? > Can someone tell me if this sounds okay?

My work investigated the nature of dreaming and all aspects that surround it, from its different variations e.g. Nightmares, lucid dreaming, day dreaming etc. to the influences and nostalgia it may or may not provoke on your day-to-day real life.


As well as this, I focused on the perception of color through identifying that the responses from the viewers are subjective and no opinion is ever really the same as another’s. I also noticed that color is completely dependent on light, which made me wonder if the color one person sees is the same as what someone else sees, if the different variations of light change the colors appearance, and if color really exists at all. From that last statement (if color really exists), made me take out some scientific research. Science is not really being my forte, which made things really difficult to understand. From what my mind could comprehend, I learnt that our eyes contain a specific cell that allows us to see color, and if that cell is altered, or even removed, the color in front of us would not exist. Still in keeping with my scientific approaches to my work I ended my research with two hypothesizes. These are:


1.     The color we see will never look the same to someone else

2.     The color we see does not really exist


The second hypothesis is more of a follow on from the first. What I am trying to state in the simplest way put is, color is purely a figure of our minds emotional connection from an understanding we attached it to in the past, therefore color, as a whole, is rooted in memory, and is not physically there.


Dreaming is sort of the same, rooted in memory wise. It takes on a huge importance to our well being. Through dreaming we can act out our deepest fantasies with no disturbance or the inclination of authority telling you its wrong. As well as this, dreaming almost maximizes your emotional state (my dreams do anyway, I couldn’t know this for sure), which could possibly affect you in the ‘real’ world.


This is the link I found between dreams and color, that no matter what way you look at it, they are both completely memory rooted. They provoke a response, and our basic understandings between the two are completely varied. This to me contains part of the reason why individuals are individuals (mind, body, soul etc.), why we all think differently, and can never see things the same as the other.

Sometimes accidental mistakes work well. 

Having a little play with my little bed. Make shift spaceship in the making?

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